Rigidity 2009 in Bonn

Request: Wigner & Cohomology

Can anyone explain the proofs of a 1973 theorem of D. Wigner asserting that the cohomology of BG is isomorphic to the Borel cohomology of G, where G is a locally compact group?

Ref: Theorem 4 in

Zbl 0264.22001 Wigner, David
Algebraic cohomology of topological groups.
Trans. Am. Math. Soc. 178, 83-93 (1973)

Nicolas Monod

PS: You can read the above article here.

  1. I cannot explain it, but would be interesting to attend. And, yes, it seems I can post comments, although not write posts yet.

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  3. Good news! Jim Davis has agreed to talk about it on Wednesday 11/11 at 15/15, hear/hear!

  4. Time has changed; it will be at 02:02 PM.

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