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Seminars 9.11 – 14.11

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Wednesday 11/11, at 02:02 PM
On a 1973 paper by Wigner
Jim Davis
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Seminars 5.10. – 9.10.

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Wednesday October 7th, 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Talk by J. Pepe Higes
Large-scale dimensions for beginners

Thursday October 8th, 10:00 – 11:00
Talk by W. Lück
An introduction to topological rigidity

Thursday, October 8th, 3:00 p.m.
Talk by J. Davis
Introduction to the Novikov Conjecture

Friday, October 9th, 10:00 a.m.
M. Joachim
An introduction to the Gromov-Lawson-Rosenberg Conjecture

Seminars 28.9. – 2.10.

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Tuesday, 3 pm: Rigidity and algebraic K-theory (concerning the Borel conjecture), Wolfgang Steimle

Let’s talk about your problems!

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Wednesday 30 Sept, 10:00 AM: Presentation and discussion of open problems related to rigidity.

Everybody is invited!

Seminars 21.-25.9.

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Tuesday 9 am: A Counterexample to Atiyah´s Conjecture I (after Tim Austin), Thomas Schick

Tuesday 3 pm: Borel reducibility, Asger Törnquist

Wednesday 9 am: A Counterexample to Atiyah´s Conjecture II (after Tim Austin), Thomas Schick

Wednesday 3 pm: Cohomology of Lie groups, Tobias Hartnick

Thursday 9 am: Simplicial Volume, Clara Löh

Thursday 3 pm: What is coarse differentiation?, Irene Peng

Friday 9 am: Quantum groups for beginners, David Kyed

Seminars 14-18.9

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Wed 3pm: Hjorth, Descriptive set theory and equivalence relations.
Abstract: A very general and introductory talk about descriptive set
theory and the parts of the field which connect with countable
equivalence relations.

Thu 9am: Przytycki, Introduction to complexes of groups,.

Seminar talks (Archiv)

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Just to keep the list of seminar talks up to date and not to lose the information which talks have already be given, I suggest to list past talks in this post. Also, one might use this post to add background material or references to the old talks.

The following talks have already be given:

  • Caprace, Kac-Moody groups
  • Fabig, Assembly maps
  • Hartnick, Bounded cohomology — see also here for references
  • Bader, Ergodic actions
  • Weinberger, Topological Rigidity
  • Sauer, Measure equivalence
  • Chatterjee, Algebraic Groups
  • Ruping, CAT(0) properties of diagram groups
  • Epstein, Orbit equivalence
  • Hjorth, Descriptive Set Theory
  • Przytycki, Complexes of groups
  • Schick, A Counterexample to Atiyah´s Conjecture (after Tim Austin)
  • Törnquist, Borel reducibility
  • Hartnick, Cohomologies of Lie groups
  • Löh, Simplicial Volume
  • Peng, Coarse Differentiation
  • Kyed, Quantum Groups


In Talk announcement on September 9, 2009 at 13:12

Wed 9am: Bader, Ergodic Theory

Wed 2pm: Weinberger, Topological Rigidity

Thu 9am: Sauer, Measure Equivalence

Thu 2pm: Chatterjee, Algebraic Groups

Fri 9am: Ruping, CAT(0) properties of diagram groups